Combined Tantric with Sensual Gay Massage

Tantric Massage combined with a sensual massage is a whole-body experience with every area of the body massaged allowing energies to flow and relieve pain, physical tension and emotional stress.

During the treatment given by our male masseurs in Lisbon, very delicate full body strokes are applied to begin the process; these strokes are intended to rouse and stimulate energies within the body, in particular an energy called “Kundalini”. This powerful healing energy is focussed at the base of the spine when dormant, but when active is directly linked to our sexual and sensual behaviour as well as promoting a healing effect throughout the body. Tantric massage releases dormant energy and allows it to flow freely providing a deep feeling of well-being and a high level of relief from emotional and physical pain.

Although offering similar benefits to regular therapeutic massage, Tantric massage addresses another level of spiritual wellness to offer a deep-rooted emotional release. Used to relieve guilt and fear and other unwanted emotions, Tantric massage is intended for much more than just an awakening of the sensual aura.

Benefits of Tantric Massage 

Despite its connotations and popular belief, Tantric methods are not intended solely for the purposes of sensual or sexual enhancement. The real basis to the Tantric arts is based around the stimulation of Kundalini energy at the base of the spine. When released, this energy has amazing emotional and physical healing properties – most of which we do not really understand properly - but we know it works! The additional benefit of heightened sexual abilities and more controlled response mechanisms means that receiving Tantric massage can not only have a very positive effect on your social life, it will promote physical health, self-confidence and instil a fantastic feeling of social and personal well-being.

Prostate Massage

For those who want to enjoy a deeper gay massage experience, prostate massage is available as an option. A prostate massage can awaken your sexual being and empower you in ways that your partner may not be able to. A sensual gay massage can awaken sexual energy that you previously thought lost.

These additional treatments can bring a euphoria unique to these particular massage techniques and add a new dimension to your healing and rejuvenation process as well as providing emotional/tension release and aids sexual healing.

Four-hand Tantric Massage

If you want to really feel out of this world, we offer a four-hand Tantric massage given by two athletic nude male therapists. Covering both sides of the body, Tantric massage by multiple therapists offers a doubling of the pleasurable and relaxing effects of Tantric massage and although is suitable for everyone, it can particularly help those who find it more difficult to find ways to control or reduce their sexual tension.