The quality standards ensure that you retain complete privacy and receive only the best gay massage in Lisbon available.

Quality and confidentiality is my main focus.


I strive very hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction and attend to many details in order to achieve this. When you pay for a 60 minute massage, you will receive a 60 minute treatment. I want your massage experience to be memorable – we hope that it will be memorable enough for you to decide to come back – many of my clients do just that! Once you have enjoyed an Absolute Male gay Massage in Lisbon session, I know that you will feel invigorated and rejuvenated. My avid attention to the details of your personal circumstances is an important part of my massages and I make every effort to ensure your gay massage in Lisbon is exactly what you wanted – and more!


My mission is to make your massage session better than you expected and to exceed your expectations every time. I try offer to my clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee - If you are not happy, I'm not happy!



I hope your call 


Gustavo Maltrani

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