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I am a youg and qualified professional massage therapist based in Zürich, and I offer a whole body massage just for men

from head to toe and we can both be naked. It is a very pleasurable experience.


Usualy I offer One hour or 90 min of gay massasge in Zürich. It depends on which massage you prefer. 






Standard Massage - Relax and Sensual Massage


Which is a full body massage from head to toe. We can both be naked, and there is a happy ending ( if you want ).



Erotic and Sensual Tantric Massage


This includes a full body massage but it involves a more sensual and erotic technique. 

It is a body2body Massaage, with mutual touchs 



You can decide which massage you would like.







Sensual Tantric Massage in Zürich releases your Chakras to allow the body energy to flow properly. Once achieved, you can then learn to control that flow of energy, including your sexual energy.


The Lingam massage is part of an overall process and can be made even more powerful with prostate massage which will enable you to develop the most powerful orgasms you have ever experienced. This massage techniques made by a male masseur in Zürich result in a full release of stress and sexual tension.







Pleasure massage is normally a full-body massage that ends with massage of the sexual organs. It can also include body to body massage. After receiving a relaxing pampering of your whole body, the practitioner provides a sexual massage with orgasm.

It is a relaxing experience that allows sexual release in a comfortable and safe environment. A simple erotic massage can be great for stress relief and provide you with the pampering and release you are seeking in the safe hands of another person. 


Sensual or Erotic Massage by definition does not include oral or penetrative sex. 



Enjoy 60-90 minute of a Sensual Gay Male Massage in Zürich or deep tissue/Swedish Massage which culminates in a Tantric penis and prostate massage that will raise you to new heights of pleasure and ecstasy through intense orgasm. Our gay male absolute sensual massage is a fantastic way to disperse the tensions and stress built up in your body and express them through an intense sexual release.

These combined massage techniques will leave you feeling in a wonderful state of bliss. It is difficult to convey in words how great you will feel after one of our male gay massages so we encourage you to check out testimonials from previous satisfied male gay massage clients to give you an idea of the great sensations and experiences you can expect.

All types of gay massages from a male masseur may include a deep tissue massage, Swedish Relaxing Massage and a range of Sensual Tantric Massages that will take you to levels of pleasure that you have never before experienced. 

The Male Massage in Zürich can include a sensual body to body massage experience that will bring you to new heights of ecstasy.


This type of Gay Massage in Zürich is ideal for deep relaxation as well as attending to the release of muscle tension and relief from the stress of daily life. Through specific pressure point massage on the penis a very intense orgasm will accrue at the end of the massage. If you want the complete Tantra experience and body to body nude male massage. Incall and outcall.





Combined Sensual Tantric Gay Massage in Zürich


Sesual Tantric Massage is a whole-body experience with every area of the body massaged allowing energies to flow and relieve pain, physical tension and emotional stress.


During the massage given by a male gay hot masseur in Zürich, very delicate full body strokes are applied to begin the process; these strokes are intended to rouse and stimulate energies within the body, in particular an energy called “Kundalini”. This powerful healing energy is focussed at the base of the spine when dormant, but when active is directly linked to our sexual and sensual behaviour as well as promoting a healing effect throughout the body. Tantric massage releases dormant energy and allows it to flow freely providing a deep feeling of well-being and a high level of relief from emotional and physical pain.

Although offering similar benefits to regular therapeutic massage, Sensual Tantric Massage addresses another level of spiritual wellness to offer a deep-rooted emotional release. Used to relieve guilt and fear and other unwanted emotions, Sensual Tantric Massage is intended for much more than just an awakening of the sensual aura.


Benefits of Sensual Tantric Massage 


Despite its connotations and popular belief, Tantric methods are not intended solely for the purposes of sensual or sexual enhancement. The real basis to the Tantric arts is based around the stimulation of Kundalini energy at the base of the spine. When released, this energy has amazing emotional and physical healing properties – most of which we do not really understand properly - but we know it works! The additional benefit of heightened sexual abilities and more controlled response mechanisms means that receiving Tantric massage can not only have a very positive effect on your social life, it will promote physical health, self-confidence and instil a fantastic feeling of social and personal well-being.





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